Social Media

Fairly recently, I experienced a relatively smaller business owner’s overwhelming disbelief in the power of social media. So, for those who don’t believe in the powers of social media… this ones for you:

Social media was born only a few years ago and has already left an impact in society and in the PR industry that has completely changed the world’s way of thinking.

Whether it is the way that it has connected and modernized technology of the world; or it’s the way it’s been involved in the Arab Spring, assassinations, us presidential elections, or the making, breaking or saving of a business.  It has truly changed… everything.

Look at Dell for instance, YouTube could have destroyed them, all social media at the time of their fire incidence could have destroyed them. But because they gathered their resources and organized a watch team and used these sites for their benefit through quick response to the issue. Now, they consider social media “an extension to [their] brand.”

Tons of companies have used social media for better customer service, crisis communication and promotional purposes. And it has been one of the best things to happen to their business.

So for those who don’t believe here’s just a glimpse of the proof.

I have learned that there is some people’s mind you will never be able to change but those who you do change, those who open their mind to these endless possibilities are the ones that truly matter.

I look forward to hearing from Heather Whaling, the President of Geben Communication at the PRSSANC where she will be presenting on “Why Social Media is a Must”.

I will probably have more good stuff for you on this topic after that.

Here are some other good links for some research on the power of social media:


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