Day Two of PRSSANC

Today was filled with continental breakfast, networking and of course WORKSHOPS! And Fantastic ones at that. We had some phenomenal presenters. Our first was a keynote by  Timothy Jordan, the Google Senior Developer Advocate I was telling you about in previous posts. I plan to do a separate post solely on the things I learned as a Google+ part two so look forward to that. The Second was our first session of workshops , the presentation entitled “Media Training” and was presented by Joseph V. Trahan, who I was excited about because of his Military history I was sure it would be interesting and his topic was one I thought I needed.

For the second session of workshops I found myself in a difficult situation. Should I pick the Edleman “Back to Baysics” recruiting workshop or should I pick the Fashion PR workshop. I figured if the Fashion PR one didn’t help me I could always switch or I could find someone to take notes for me. Thankfully I found someone to grab me notes and a handout because even if I wanted to change workshops, I couldn’t. The Edleman workshop was filled to max capacity. It all worked out though and I actually found that the Fashion PR workshop was helpful in a way I didn’t think possible.

I discovered that Fashion PR is not as glamorous as it seems and what I have taken away from this presentation is that it’s not meant for me. You may think this experience would have been disappointing but honestly, it was enlightening and really good for me because I was able to narrow down my career choices so that I can better set my sights on what I want to be and should be doing.

Then the last session of the day, this was filled to max capacity too but I was able to be one of the last 5 people they let in. I couldn’t sit with people in my chapter but this allowed me to do some networking and I sat by some girls from the east coast (WOOT!) that I made friends with.The presentation was on the 10 essentials of a successful PR career. I will have to get those to you in a later post as well.



After this workshop members of my chapter and I went to Fisherman’s Warf. We rode the trolley there and went to Ghirardelli Square and then went out to eat at The Crab House. On the way home, since there is a concert going on tonight the city was low on taxis and there just so happened to be a limo patrolling the area. Of course we had to take the opportunity and took it back to our hotel at the same price it would’ve been to ride the trolley back. It was Awesome. It has been another great day in this amazing city. I love it here.  Again, check my Facebook for more pictures.


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