Day Four-Last Full Day of PRSSANC

Today was the last day of PRSSANC. It is quite bittersweet. I love San Fransisco but I do need to get back to my fiancé and of course all of my responsibilities with school and work and stuff. I don’t even want to think about all the stuff I am going to be behind on when I get back.

Today was kind of crazy. We woke up and went to general keynote sessions in the morning where we heard from the Founder and CSO of Pandora. There were a few quotes of his that stood out to me and one of them was:

“Do just say it, Do it”

In the afternoon we went to THE Golden Gate Bridge– it was like a dream. I have always seen it on movies and television shows (ie.Fullhouse), but I never thought I would be seeing it in real life. To see the bridge was seriously breathtaking. I do have to say though, the Chesapeake Bay bridge in Maryland, I think it’s bigger.

After the Bridge we went to little italy for lunch before heading back to the conference. It would have been a great lunch but tragedy struck when Kelsey, another chapter member and friend, left her wallet the taxi we took there. After an hour of talking a completely useless yellow cab staff member on the phone, she was able to get ahold of our driver. Unfortunately the driver wouldn’t be there for another hour so the rest of us went to eat while a few people grabbed food for themselves and Kelsey and waited.

The food was amazing and the resteraunt was so authentic. Afterwards we went and grabbed Gelato.

This gelato place is coming out with bars that they plan to sell through the country. You can view their site here:

When we were finished, Kelsey still hadn’t gotten her wallet yet so we waited a little longer but we had to get back to the conference. Mark, another friend and chapter member stayed with Kelsey while the rest of us made a run for it back the hotel– two miles away. We made it back with five minutes to get ready and get down to the “I left my heart in San Fransisco” awards ceremony.

In the evening we had the awards ceremony and Utah schools made out like bandits. The UVU advisor Stephen Whyte got an Advisor award for being “Outstanding” and it was much deserved.

Afterwards, I did get to see an old high school friend, Michelle Ward. Bowie High School was representing:

That night, instead of heading out on the town with everyone for lat night karaoke, I stayed in my room, doing homework. Then I turned in early, a much-needed rest.


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