Day three of PRSSANC- Matt Prince & Biz Stone

The adventures just continue at PRSSANC. Today I took part in some of the best workshops I have seen yet. Specifically, Matt Prince, Social Media Director for Disney and Biz Stone a co-founder of twitter.

A few stand out points from Matt’s presentation were:

1. Find yourself and make a road map of where you want to go

2. Make an impression-Make everyday like a first date, where you are your best possible self.

3.Social Media is a strategic tool and if you aren’t using it as such and to it’s full potential, you shouldn’t use it at all

4. Follow your road map (Detours are okay though)

5. Be a content creator, not just a messenger

6. Be a story teller

7. Take it offline-Be your brand all the time

8. Repetition

9. Know your audience

10. Have Fun

A few other things were: not to let a bad picture be on any of your sites whether it be innapropriate or just ugly, and to have the same picture and same username and site name for all of your sites.

Matt’s blog can be found at:

A few stand out quotes from Biz’ presentation were:

“To succeed spectacularly, you have to fail spectacularly”

“Opportunity can be manufactured”

“Creativity is a renewable resource”

“Change is not the triumph of technology, it is the triuph of humanity”

“Use social media to show your character and capabilities”

“Corporate Social Responsibility should really be called Corporate Social Innovation”

“The Future of PR is Storytelling”

“Be emotionally invested in what you’re working on”


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