La Reve

La Reve means The Dream in french and this show is known for having an out-of-this-world; dream-like effect on its viewers. I haven’t seen it yet, but this is what I have heard and read. I plan to see it in just a few weeks while passing through Vegas, on my way back from a PRSSA regional conference.

“Dazzling. Intimate. Unexpected.”

La Reve has only been around since 2005, but has experienced a lot of growth and popularity. It is known as being one of the best shows to see while in Las Vegas.

Some of this popularity may be an effect of some recent branding changes. Wynn Las Vegas bought the rights to the show from Dragone to make changes, including the logo. Now, Wynn, having full ownership of La Reve has creative control over the branding and other

Publicity outside of their Vegas show, has varied from several television shows like America’s got talent to Music Videos to Events. 

From quality branding to several well-strategized appearances La Reve show has made a name for itself among some of the biggest and best shows to see in the country. We can learn from their actions and do the same to gain our own success.


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