Matt Prince-Social Media Words of Wisdom

If you’re a PR pro or PR pro to be, one person you must know, or at least read his blog, is Matt Prince. He is the Social Media guru at Disneyland.

I personally enjoy his blog:

One of his most recent posts goes over something I first heard him talk about at the PRSSANC in San Fransisco this past fall, which is quality use of Social Media.

In his post he says talks about a rule he has set for himself and a rule he advises to all who use social media.

He says:

“In your best interest, and in the best interest of your friends and family, I have created a foolproof system to ensure you shed those unwanted posts and quit over-sharing cold turkey: The IFE IFE Rule

IFE IFE stands for Interesting – Funny – Entertaining – Impressive – Flattering – Embarrassing. If what you want to post on any of your social media platforms is not two of those six… don’t post it. I repeat, DO NOT post it. By doing this, you simultaneously filter the nonsense posts while strengthening your brand with consistent and meaningful messaging.”

This is a rule I wish to set for myself. I think it will probably be tougher than I think but I am going to give it a try. You should too and tell me how it goes.


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