Day One-Off to Cali


After leaving my home at 5 am, it has been a fun filled day of road trip games, sand between my toes, life goal accomplishing, awesome tacos and more awesome tacos, we are finally in California and in for the night.
Let’s go back to the tacos. Today we stopped for lunch in Las Vegas, where we first encountered a place we have learned about while researching the presenters at the upcoming PRSSA regional conference. The presenter’s name is Wing Lam, and he is one of the founders of Wahoo’s fish taco.
Wahoo’s was founded in Costa Mesa, California, a in 1988 by Chinese-Brazillian brothers including Wing Lam, and his brothers Eduardo Lee and Mingo Lee. Wahoo’s flavor is based on a mix of traditional Chinese, Brazilian and Mexican flavors. And I will tell you this, they know what they’re doing. It was some of the best food I’ve ever had and the service was great too.
Today we spent time building relationships. I am excited to meet Wing Lam and build another.



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