Day Three – Replay

Today we heard from some amazing speakers

For the run down of the day visit:

We first heard a keynote from the co-owner of Wahoo’s Fish Taco, Wing Lam.

He is the PR and Marketing pro and “face” of Wahoo’s, which by the way, has the most amazing Banzai Veggie Tacos I have ever had.

He talked to us a lot about his key publics and how he targets those markets, by staying a head of the game and being there before the pros become the pros, so they are able to get endorsements that are as genuine and authentic as their brand and they don’t have to spend the money on those types of advertisements.


Then we went into break out sessions. I heard from Dan Nasitka with the discovery science center about unmasking a career path and from Danielle Gano from Elle Communications about turning your passion into a job and the work she has done with several non-profit and innovative clients of hers. Then I took two from Matt Prince, the Social Media director at Disney Land, who I aspire to be.

Danielle Gano of Elle Communications

The key points I got from these sessions and speakers were:

  • Seize opportunity because you never know where things might lead you
  • Take risks and go outside your comfort zone
  • It’s okay to not be sure about what you want, but when you do know, go for it
  • Make a personal brand and uphold it

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