Day Six-Vegas

Today we rose early, drove five hours and got to Vegas! It is our last full day on the trip and we were tired, but still extremely excited about meeting with one of our outstanding alumni. We met with Nate Gray, the PR Coordinator for the Venetion-Palazzo-Sands Hotel Group. He graduated from UVU about two years ago and is now doing some great things.

(Nate Gray, sitting in the middle on the right)

Gray is able to dabble in all types of PR almost everyday. He works with food & beverage, hospitality and hotels, events, celebrities, entertainment and so much more.

I thought it was interesting that he never thought he would be where he was. When he was a student he aspired to work in sports PR. I have heard similar stories a lot this week. It’s all about seizing opportunities as they come to you and going outside your comfort zone sometimes to get them. It’s about working hard and taking risks, that may be scary but feel right.

I hope I can be strong enough to seize opportunities and step outside my comfort zone when it comes down to it. And I hope to find a career where I am able to have a number of versatile experiences like Nate does. This trip has helped me to begin to figure out what I want to do in my life. I am so glad I got to have these experiences.

For information on the Venetian resort, go to


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