Back to Utah-Trip Recap

We are all back in Utah now. The trip was fantastic (but it was long enough, I missed my husband so badly).

The trip was so great. I learned a lot, made friends, built relationships, networked, had  fun and moved a bit forward in figuring out what I want to do with this big complicated mess we call life.

My top jobs of choice:

  • PR for a home goods/interior design/etc. company
  • Non-profit PR
  • PR for Disney

(Why home goods/interior design? I currently work for a company in that industry and I enjoy it, check out their website at:

This trip has taught me that networking, putting yourself out there and if worst comes to worst starting from the bottom of the latter are my better options to getting where I want to be. So now, I must start searching for ways to do these things. Meeting with people at these companies, befriending them but befriending them with authenticity, not just for me but so that maybe one day we can help one another. The PR world is a small world and connections are key, even if you don’t use some specific ones. It’s great to have friends. I don’t know if I’d be the person I am today without friends.

All in all, the trip was so great.


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