PR = Storytelling


Something that I hear often when hearing from professionals is that PR is more than what it seems. PR is storytelling. Whether you are in non-profit and telling a story about people effected by a disaster and what your organization is doing, or a corporate office and telling what your company is all about.

According to MASSolutions:

“Public Relations (PR) is simply this: positive story telling through traditional and social media.”

The Hoffman Agency has an entire slide show online about it.

“As product news continues to be commoditized, it becomes increasingly important for communication professionals to build feature stories.”

See the full slide show at:

Platform Magazine Online also explains it well.

“[PR Practitioners] create messages and must find the right ways to relay these messages so that their publics will pay attention to them in a world bombarded with hundreds of media forms and constantly updating channels.”

It is a fact that is reaffirmed everywhere we look in the industry and the professionals who are the best at are the most successful.


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