Over view of the trip- looking back and looking forward.



This engaged learning experience has already proven itself helpful in my life and career ambitions. On the trip, we attended the PRSSA Regional Conference at California State Fullerton as well as meeting with several professionals’, alumni and otherwise.


A few of the key points that stuck out to me were:


  • Network all you can
  • If you have no connections, take what you can get and start from the bottom if need be, to get your foot in the door
  • Put yourself out there, get outside your comfort zone
  • Make genuine relationships and nurture them


  • Be strategic
  • Be timely
  • Engage with your audience
  • IFE IFE: Interesting – Funny – Entertaining – Impressive – Flattering – Embarrassing


I have been using the items I learned about getting jobs. I used to have a really hard time taking risks and putting myself out there to gain job opportunities. Since returning from the trip, I have applied to six jobs, one of which I have an interview already set up for. I have also started to make contacts at companies that interest me. I am not sure where these will take me but I have learned that without putting myself out there, I won’t be able to go everywhere I could go in life.

I have been using the items I learned social media and blogging on my personal pages and they have already proven beneficial. I recently started a cooking blog and I used Facebook and Instagram to grow an audience and gain support.


If you are reading this and have an opportunity to go on one of these trips at UVU or at whatever university you may be at, DO IT. You wont regret. 

To get to the UVU PRSSA page visit: http://www.uvu.edu/comm/prssa/index.html



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