Employee Relations: Making Your Office a “Happy Place”

Making your office a happy, fun and motivating environment is sometimes seen as a difficult task. Fortunately, it is not as difficult as you would think.

Step one: Attention & Recognition

Capture Motivation 3

  • Take one on one time where private recognition can take place, as well as getting to know your employees, reviewing their future view and career goals and giving them new responsibilities and opportunities according to their skill set, goals and likes.
  • Public recognition is very important, whether it’s in a company or office meeting on the spot recognition through out the normal work day, not only does it make the person being recognized feel good and motivated but it also motivates other employees that are in earshot to work towards the goal of being recognized as well.
  • Create awards & incentives for hardworking employees, you can also incorporate games into this to add more excitement
  • Hold an employee appreciation day, this can be a once a month activity or once every couple months. At this event provide a free lunch, announcements of recognition and make it casual dress.
  • Write at least one thank you note a week to an employee that stuck out to you specifically. Make sure the note is personalized and specific.
  • High fives, physically and/or paper-wise like these


Step Two: Good Work Environment

  • Make sure your office is updated, neat, tidy, clean & organized space, dirt and chaos will only cause unmotivated and stressed employees. And by making an effort to keep your office nice, your employees should want to as well.


  • Fun Office Supplies & Accessories (drumstick pencils, trash basketball, fun stamps)

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One thought on “Employee Relations: Making Your Office a “Happy Place”

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