Effective Social Media Posts

I have talked about Matt Prince’s social media filter before, called the IFE IFE rule. If you need a refresher, this stands for Interesting, Funny, Educational, Intellectual, Flattering, Embarrassing. I have used these rules and sculpted my own list of filters that has worked best for me in my professional social media usage.

My rule is that all posts must contain at least two of these items:

  • Question
  • Interesting
  • Funny
  • Educational
  • Intellectual
  • Flattering
  • Embarrassing
  • Informative
  • Timely
  • Industry-Related
  • Seed-Planting
  • Concise
  • Appropriate & Professional
  • Fun
  • Engaging
  • Call to Action
  • Key Messaging
  • Relevant Tags & Hash tags

I have found these to be very important to the success of the post and they work for any social media or blogging platform you may be using.


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