Something Old, Something New, Nothing Borrowed, But Something Blue.

When putting together a new home for a new happy couple sometimes you run into seemingly unique but oh so typical circumstances, like when the marrying of two families means the marrying two different design styles. This is actually a common situation I run into with couples and their homes, but I’ve never had to blend modern/contemporary with Victorian/farmhouse. This is why I love working in design. You get new challenges everyday and when you create the perfect design and the end result is a happy home for your clients there’s  nothing more rewarding.

So where to begin.

I decided to take a more contemporary modern farmhouse approach with a more neutral color palate for the predominant hard finishes and fixtures of the home.


Clean and simple. But we needed some color. So, we went with pops of a navy blue color on the front door on the exterior and then on a custom kitchen island and mud room bench.



The exterior we tied into the interior with it’s color palate for a good flow from out to in but kept it traditional in style with craftsman textures for resale value.

And then to tie in a Victorian flair inside, we added “one piece per room”. Including a couple of beds, a dresser, a colorful lamp, and a high contrasting reading chair. I love antique furniture. It’s always so well-built with nice sturdy wood and the intricate detail of victorian pieces is enough to make a designer swoon. These pieces are in my opinion what brought each space of the home to life. They lay amongst a sea of plain and simple, clean lined, modern and traditional pieces and they did stand out but it made creating emphasis and focal point that much easier and it made their spaces true to them, and it totally worked! Which is what mattered most.





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