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Hello friends, family, followers, and the like, as you can see my site has new look. And with this new look, I’ve once again decided to make a minor transition into something different with this blog and I hope you all will bear with me and stay tuned for some good stuff!

I have decided to change this into both a business and lifestyle blog. So I will continue to post about PR related topics, business related topics, and especially home design topics. But as I am getting rid of another blog I had, where I would post recipes and lifestyle items, I would like to combine my two blogs.

I want to be transparent about my personal and business life. I hope that my clients will be open and honest with me so that I can understand them and their needs enough provide the best services to them as possible. That being said, I hope that they can get to know me as well. Not that all of them take time to read all of my blog posts, but the information is available if needed.

Anyway, stay tuned for posts on PR related topics, business related topics, home design topics, house-keeping topics, lifestyle topics, and recipes.

I’m excited to continue this journey through life and career with y’all, if you’d like to listen (or read I should say).


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