Trimming the Tree Made Easy


First, choose and attach your Tree Skirt. McGee and Co, Magnolia Market, and Target all have really cute ones right now. I actually use one that was given to me when we were first married because it’s so sentimental, and then I layer it with a few coordinating table runners I have (one is burlap and the other two are an olive color with a crinkled pattern and gold fleck in the crevices).

Then for the Lights – I prefer just a simple and elegant white light.

Photo Nov 25, 7 16 35 PM

Choose your base wrapping item – this can be metalic garland or tinsel, I use a 3 inch burlap ribbon to coordinate with my topper and tree skirt items, and to add more of a rustic feel.

Choose your base 3 ornament colors – I typically go with a mixed metal look with touches white. You can find cheap metallic glitter ornaments at walmart, the dollar store, and target.

Add in your funky ornaments – we all have them – I have a couple ornaments from willow tree, and a little pig ornament that I love, and a couple other odd balls. This is what I call my character pieces. West Elm actually has this cute Pig Ornament I will probably invest in sometime soon, cause you know, I can’t NOT. It’s a pig.

And finally, add the topper, and don’t be afraid to go outside the norm. It’s the 21st century. We are no longer limited to the traditional angel or star tree toppers. I have a big burlap multi layered bow that I use.

Here’s a photo from us and our tree last year. #nailedit




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