The Importance of Color

Color is probably the most important design element there is. Without color our spaces, our world, our art would be nothing. Just drab, achromatic, nothingness. Color brings life meaning, mood, and beauty to our spaces yet is a tricky beast not to be taken lightly or trifled with without respect, strategy, and thoughtfulness.

Which is why I figured I’d give you a crash course on why color is so important and even a few ideas on how we can utilize color to bring elevate our spaces.

Color is so important and to respect that importance we understand the basic psychology of color.

Basic Psychology of Color

Red: Warmth, Happiness, Contentment, Emotion, Passion, Desire, Power, Excitement, Energy Stimulant, Appetite Stimulant. Associated sometimes with Love or War. Great for places you eat or work. Red can actually accelerate heart rate so you do not want to use this in a bedroom or relaxing space.

Orange: Warmth, Enthusiasm, Optimism, Happiness, Energy Stimulant, Appetite Stimulant, Associated with Earth or Autumn. Great for places you eat or work.

Yellow: Warmth, Competence, Sunny, Energy Stimulant, Appetite Stimulant, Light, Intensity, Intelligence, Inspiring. Great for places you eat or work. Yellow is better used as an accent color. Yellow can actually accelerate heart rate so you do not want to use this in a bedroom, relaxing space, or in nurseries. Yellow is proven to cause babies cry more than other colors.

Green: Cool, Life, Energy, Power, Organic, Tranquility, Harmony, Nature, Relaxing, Stability, Security, Balance, Spiritual, Wisdom, Easiest Color for Eye to see, Associated sometimes with Earth or Envy. Great for everywhere.

Blue: Cool, Spiritual, Organic, Relaxing, Tranquility, Competence, Associated sometimes with Nobility or Sadness. Great for bedrooms.

Violet: Cool, Passion, Spiritual, Desire & Aversion, Intimacy, Sentimental, Associated sometimes with Nobility, Authority, Sophistication, and Grandure. Great for living spaces and bedrooms. Purple is better used as an accent color.

And I won’t discuss neutrals or achromatic (pure black/white/gray) tones, because I’m talking about BRIGHT, FUN, LIFE-ENHANCING COLORS people! Understanding these amazing visual tools and utilizing them strategically (adding color thoughtfully and implementing color schemes) can totally transform out spaces.

Creating Schemes

Creating a color scheme can be difficult. Once I get to know a client I can always find the perfect scheme for them. But I’m not just willy nilly picking colors and hoping it all works out. I thoughtfully look at the the colors my client likes and dislikes and then I pay a visit to our good ol’ friend color wheel. Sometimes I can draw schemes from my memory and understanding of the color wheel sometimes I need to stare at an actual color wheel for a while to see what colors I should pair with one another. But a lot of it comes down to what my designer heart tells me to do to compile exactly what my client needs in their space.



What does color add?

Well, see for yourself. Here are a few examples a few jobs I have done before and after shots. And you will see what a difference incorporating more color and implementing actual color schemes can make.

Photo Feb 19, 10 52 10 PM

Photo Jun 21, 8 42 04 AM

Don’t live your life as a black and white film, or stuck in a neutral beige and gray color scheme. Elevate your space by bringing in color. And if you’re having a hard time figuring out what colors are right for you, give me a call. I literally do this all day, and I’d love to help you bring balance, life, and joy to your space.



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