Super Bowl Munchies

The Super Bowl is one of my favorite nights of the year, great football, good energy, and awesome munchies fill the house. And to top it all off, the Eagles are my team and if you watched the game last night, you know WE WON!! Fly Eagles Fly!!!


But Anyways, back to the munchies. If you know me, you know how much I love anything Tex Mex or Mexican style vegetarian food.


So, our snack spread was equipped with blue corn chips, regular restaurant quality tortilla chips (my husbands favorite), and cucumbers for dipping paired with our favorite flavors of Salsa Queen Salsas.


Salsa Queen is a local company in the Salt Lake City and Park City Areas of Utah, but they sell it at our local Smith’s grocery store now and needless to say it’s hard not to buy one of every flavor every time I’m doing my shopping. They use fresh local ingredients and although a couple of their dips aren’t exactly what I’d call “clean-eating”, their deliciousness is undeniable. Our favorite flavors are Roasted Tomatillo, Creamy Jalepeno and Quesso Chipotle. The Quesso Chipotle is always the first to be devoured. It’s just that good. Its light cheesy and creamy base with finely diced chipotle peppers is perfect and great if you like salsas that are mild but toe the line of medium. The Tomatillo, only comes in the larger containers, which is fine because I’ve found multiple uses for it besides just as a dip. I also use as salad dressing and I cook it into my tex mex black bean salads sometimes. It’s smooth and fine but has a kick which I like! And it’s dairy free which is even better for me in comparison to the other two. The creamy jalepeno is our least favorite of the three but it’s still yummy. It’s a little more typical as far as dips go, it’s a cream base with jalepeno chunks so pretty basic but still tasty and great to have to change things up when we get sick of the other two now and again.


Later in the evening towards the end of the game when the chips, cucumbers, and salsas were dwindling we capped the night off with portabella pizzas. I usually set up the counter topping bar style with peppers, tomatoes, onions, olives, cheeses, etc. and we make our own. Some were more simple like the one in the photo, some where so top heavy we had to put them in bowls. But no matter how we built our pizzas they were all equally as yummy! And easy to make. I usually just cook the mushrooms and onions on our griddle and then everything else we keep raw and fresh for more flavor and texture and color.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 9.26.50 AM.png

All in all, it was a super fun night with a victory for my Eagles, delicious munchies, and yummy portabella pizzas. Pretty much a win on all fronts. I hope you all had an equally as enjoyable evening.


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