Transform Your Home in 10 Steps

I oftentimes have friends, family, and DIY clients ask me one simple question: How can I update my space (kitchen, living, bedroom, home, etc.) without spending a ton of money, time, effort, and make a big enough difference or transformation. So I figured I’d share with you 10 fairly simple steps to achieve a transformation to your space on a budget.

The Basics

Color, Pattern, Texture, Light, Scale. Make sure that these exist in your space somewhere some how. If you want to bring these in, in the most efficient and strategic manner, give me a call or shoot me a message. But oftentimes, you can use a lot of the products and materials you already have. So don’t wait, make the basics a priority.


Focal Points

If you don’t already have a focal point for a space, make one. This is very important in giving your space a wow factor, as well as make it a room you actually want to spend time in. Fireplaces, and wood stoves, feature and focal walls, even a large piece of colorful art work or large and unique piece of furniture can do the trick, just make sure you have an emphasis.

Photo Jun 17, 10 11 11 PM


Add a rug, update your curtains and throw pillows, and causally drape a soft textured blanket over the back of a couch or arm chair. Textiles are a vital element in a home to create a warm and cozy atmosphere and to bring in additional color, pattern, and texture to the space. And if you’re shopping places like Home Goods, Wayfair, Overstock, and Target you can find some really awesome items for affordable prices.


You know me, I’m a plant lady. And as such, I will always recommend the incorporation of plants into your design. Plants add organic color and texture and life and warmth to the space. And they aren’t expensive. Ikea, Walmart, and Home Depot all have great selections of real and faux plants at affordable price points.


Adding artwork to your home is a must to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing results. And the best part about this one is art can be whatever you want it to be. In many of the homes I design I get together with the client and create or design artwork that we create ourselves. Not only does this save cost, but it adds a piece of YOU, the client, into the space that wasn’t already there, making it feel a little more like home.

Photo Dec 23, 12 22 01 PM


Whether you are just adding an accent wall, painting a single room or repainting your entire home, paint can be one of the most affordable and the most impactful elements of updating a home. (Design tip: if you struggle with choosing paint colors, narrow it down to a few and grab some sample quarts to paint on your wall. That way you can see how a certain color is actually going to look in your space and at different times of day)


Hide or Disguise

Hiding your trash cans in a cabinet, behind a door, or in a specially build storage compartment can make or break a space in the home. And if for no other reason, concealing your garbage can can oftentimes conceal odor as well.



If you can’t add a glass front door or a window for more natural light, just embrace the natural light you have any way you can and layer your artificial lighting with table, floor, and ceiling lighting as much as possible. (Design Tip: Type of bulbs can make a big impact too, so keep that in mind)

Grout & Sealant

Add a new bead of sealant at the back of your counter tops, clean or add or re-grout your tiles, you would be surprised the difference this makes.



Paint it, stain it, add cute wall paper or breadboard to the front, add glass door fronts, or take them out and add open shelving (this can be a higher priced and higher effort item but if you want an impact, this is a way to get it). Whatever you decide to do with your cabinetry, it will make a massive impact in the spaces it resides.

Photo Jun 17, 11 09 39 PM


Updating light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, outlet and light switch plates, door hardware, and adding or updating knobs and pullsto your cabinetry can totally change the look of a space and look like a major renovation as taken place.


And if you need help, don’t forget to call me. I do this as my job, every day, even sometimes in my sleep. So, I am happy to help!





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