This option is for clients who would like to work with me in person to change anything from the design and/or decorating of a single room, to custom design of your entire home or commercial project inside and out. I will personally design and decorate your home or space from start to finish, and work with your current architect, contractor, and subcontractors, or use her own if needed or desired, enabling you to enjoy the creative process of your project with minimal leg work on your end. (Assistant Fees may be involved with this package & charged in addition to these rates.)


This package encompasses basic consulting, introductory appointments, Event Decorating, and Personal Shopping.



This is the perfect package for the do-it-yourselfers. If you’re looking for a guide to putting a professionally designed space together yourself, this may be just what you’re looking for. After an initial consult, this design package includes a professionally assembled design concept which you will receive by e-mail including:

  • Mood/Story design board (ideas and concepts, including suggested types paint colors, fabrics, decorative accents, etc.)
  • Shopping list & Source guide
  • And other suggestions for using and re-purposing current pieces (if applicable)

Clients are responsible for all planning, purchasing and installing in this package.

*Please note that any additional consultation in “Design Help for Do-It-Yourselfers” categories outside of services listed will be billed as Hourly Design.



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